1 • Departures & Returns - 2 • Payments - 3 • Cancellation policy - 4 • Remember to take for the excursion
5 • Meals - 6 • navigation - photos - 7 • Private tour - 8 • Photos.

1• Départs & Retours :

• Departures from Raiatea Uturoa Shell Station at 8:30

Upon receipt of your booking form we will know where you stay and can tell you the best way to join the tour regardless of your place of residence on Raiatea or Tahaa.

You can also obtain this information by contacting us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ou Phone : 00 689 40661090.

• Returns : From 16:30 to 17:00 to Uturoa.

2 • Payments :

We require a deposit of $ 20 / person or 20 € / Pers or 2500 XPF / person, or full payment after our agreement to confirm your reservation. We cash balances on the day of the tour..

• Payment methods :

Bank Transfers

Banque de Tahiti Bank code

branch code

Account number key
   12239 00003   63028601000 66 
 - IBAN : FR76 1223 9000 0363 0286 0100 066 






Paiement Paypal  • Make payment to the attention of our Paypal ID : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
 Paiement Visa ou MasterCard

 • By secure form that we send by email.
 • By manual payment to our base (3 waterfalls Gest House).

 CHECK  • CHECK : Pacific Francs only.  
 CASH  • US$ / € / XPF  

 3 • Cancellation policy :

We simply and unconditionally refund the total amount paid:

- If the customer notified at least 48 hours before the day of the tour cancellation.
- In case of cancellation of the tour for bad weather.
- In case of force majeure.

4 • Remember to take for the excursion :

Mask and snorkel : Take your mask and snorkel, we have if necessary.

Fins : Take a pair of fins if you have them, and a pair of flip flops or water shoes to walk on the beaches because some passages are difficult to get barefoot.

Beach Shoes: : Bathing shoes are adequate and useful to walk along one of the coral gardens inaccessible barefoot. The shoes are also sufficient for swimming.

Towel : useful but not essential.

Sunscreen : Take sunscreen, we also have available.

Sunglasses : equip yourself if possible Polaroid glasses to come in Polynesia, the colors are more vivid, and they protect your eyesight.

Waterproof Clothing : A raincoat type k-way will serve you throughout your journey to deal with light showers and more rarely to heavy rains. We have ponchos available.



5 • Meals : 

Meals and beverages are included. Our meals are complete, with fresh fish and allow to taste the Polynesian flavors. There is nothing to pay for the trip except if you want to buy vanilla or Pearl when visiting places of production.



6 • Navigation :

We have chosen the Polynesian canoe unlike a monohull is absent from shocks and roll the canoe glides over the water without typing and thus allow us to take on board people prone to back pain, pregnant women, babies. It is covered, comfortable, sound system for comments, and to outboard propulsion. While driving, the boat allows filming, taking pictures.



7 • Private tour : 

The private tour allows you to further customize the « blue excursion », retaining the original program, or modifying the program at your convenience to explore in priority the areas that interest you.



8 • Photos :

We do a photo shoot during all stages of our trips, it is free and available upon request on a page of our website: : http://www.tahaa.net/index.php/en/program/photo/report-photo